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Martin A. Perez is the CEO and co-founder of Solaris Analytics. He oversees the Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, functional components, multi-dimensional processes, and the day-to-day operations of the company.


Martin has extensive experience working with systems, databases, analytics, and ETL processes. Prior to co-founding Solaris Analytics, he worked for a variety of financial institutions and private enterprises. His roles included managing, analyzing, and reporting on a broad range of products and services while leveraging technology. His experience includes institutions like Wells Fargo and America First Credit Union; most recently he aided in the rapid of expansion of the Data & Analytics infrastructure at Cricut as their Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer and Data Scientist. He is experienced with a vast number of technology tools which include AWS Redshift, S3, Python, Machine Learning, Tableau, Postgres, Greenplum (MPP), Kafka, JS-Node, MySQL, SSMS, SSIS, Stata, T-SQL, VBA, PowerQuery, PowerBI, SAP, and others.


Martin is passionate about helping companies, organizations and business owners achieve a higher level of success. He believes that by levering technology, these can better monitor and assess the overall health of the day to day operations and utilize this information to achieve their goals and accelerate business.


Martin enjoys weight lifting, playing tennis, and spending time with his 4 children and lovely wife in Utah County.



Chief Technology Officer - CTO

Hector Sosa, Jr is the CTO and co-founder of Solaris Analytics. He oversees the structural infrastructure of all backend processes, systems and automation.


Hector has accumulated over 15 years of technology experience from network administration and software development to data warehousing and data integration. His experience comes from a broad number of organization which include, Ebay,, Progressive Finance and Franklin Covey. He is vastly proficient with many tools. These include SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Redshift, SQLite, MongoDB, AWS (EC2,S3,RDS), C#, Python, PHP, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, SSIS, Pentaho Data Integration, HDFS, and others.


Hector is a problem solver and enjoys providing solutions to better integrate all forms of data sources and systems to provide solutions to organizations and aid them in their growth. Hector enjoys reading, writing, developing and spending time with his family in Utah County.



Regional Director - Development & Engineering

Ivan Diaz is the regional director of development & engineering in our North America division.


Iv├ín has been working in the IT Industry for several enterprises in a variety of roles for more than 12 years. His experience includes IT Business Consulting, Microsoft Certification Training for Database, Development and IT Infrastructure tracks, IT Technical Project Leadership for Data Integration, QA Engineering and Business Analytics. He is proficient in a wide range of technologies including Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, MongoDB, .NET Suite (C#, VB.NET), BizTalk, R, Dynamics CRM, and others.

He loves to learn and teach, and enjoys to read, play chess, go to the movies, and spending time with his wife and kids.



Data Analyst Engineer

Adan Maza forms part of our team as a  Data Analyst Engineer


Adan has been working since 5 years ago in a couple of transnational enterprises related to energy sector  as a software and database developer using many tools like .NET suite (C #, ASP, WPF,MVC and Bootstrap), JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, Google Maps, BingMaps, NHibernate, ADABAS/Natural Suite, Oracle, SQL Server and SQLite.


He is a result oriented person who enjoys the challenges and seeks for quality in every step, his personal premise is "do the things in the right way from the beggining". He likes the sports, play videogames, and spending time with his family.



Senior Data Engineer 

Enedino Celaya forms part of our team as a  Senior Data Engineer

Enedino has a Master in Information Technology with special emphasis in Database development, he has been working in a variety of projects for the energy industry since 5 years ago, his background includes legacy development in ADABAS/Natural Suite and Web development in .NET technologies (C#, VB.NET, MVC, JS), for the last 3 years he has been working in a Industrial Operative Data Storage and many integration interfaces and SOA initiatives using Oracle, SQL Server, BizTalk and DataStage

He enjoys to read, pass time with his pets and play strategy rol video games and Trading Card Games. 


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