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With the vast amount of data available today, it is critical to have the ability to ingest and analyze it. At Solaris Analytics we build automated systems and processes that provide you with clean and ready data sets that originate from various sources. Some of these solutions are Operation Data Stores, Data warehouses, and cubes that put all critical information in one location for further data exploration and to aid in providing business solutions.

Dynamic solutions may come from a variety of infrastructure strategies and technologies. These may include anything from Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL solutions to Big Data platforms such as GreenPlum, Hadoop, and ElasticSearch environments. These and other technologies could become an integral part of your analytics environment as we implement dynamic solutions to ingest data from multiple sources. Which may include json/csv files to sql server, oracle, Hadoop, google analytics, and many other different source environments.

At Solaris our first job is to understand your business objectives and needs. These lie at the heart of any data engineering strategy or system we put in place. We analyze all data sources and data environments and quickly come up with an innovative solution to meet business objectives. Data Transformations, ETL processes, Integration systems and many other tools are all part of our vast Data Engineering solutions.

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